Making Better Products for You

Once you try fair trade goods and experience their exceptional qualities, and peel back the layers of the conventional textile and garment industry, it makes it pretty tough to go back!020

Safer, healthier goods

Fair trade products allow you to know directly about how the products you buy are made, and because artisans have a democratic stake in their fair trade associations, since they don’t want to hand make products with toxins, you receive the same direct benefit.  The dyes used in our products are azo free, and miss the plethora of additives in the creation and finishing process.

Solid Quality

mg_9572Because fair trade products are made by organizations that provide skills training and mentorship for artisans, appropriate compensation and time to work more carefully, and the ongoing design and production support to get it right, the quality of the resulting products is entirely different than most mass and conventionally produced goods.

Handmade Beauty and Complexity

Fair Trade invests heavily in retaining and developing handiwork skills.  Hand felting and knitting, hand dyeing, stitching, and weaving – all result in a very rich and real looking product – and no two of our products are alike.   See the handmade icons on each product page to learn what handmade processes were used in each design.


185We want our designs to be as progressive as the values we strive for.  We burn the midnight oil coming up with new like-no-other designs that harness the best of the traditions and skills of the artisans we work with, and our own creative abilities.  Thanks to this and the small scale production of fair trade,  you’ll find you’ll get a lot of eye catch when you wear a Fibres of Life product and conversations about how different it is.