Environmentally Concerned

We are always304 working to refine the sustainability of the products that we make.  We use azo-free dyes in all of our products, and utilize rain water harvesting for felt working wherever possible.  The azo-free dyes are removed from the water used for dyeing our felted textiles, before the water is returned to the Kathmandu water/river system.
Our products are oriented around natural materials – primarily wool, and we are a supportive of access to organic cotton materials in Nepal, which are currently not readily available.545  We are looking into new and interesting natural fibres for future products, including yarn made from the banana tree, hemp, recycled materials and more.  All of the buttons on our bags are made from coconut shells. Our leather is naturally tanned using indigenous herbs, salt baths, and mustard oil.

We are very interested in water-based printing inks and have taken on research the past couple of years to implement this into our work.

We have also recently managed to gain the capacity to begin to ship our products by sea and in larger volumes to create less impact.  And for our web shipping to our customers, we have worked hard to identify packaging materials wherever available that are made of unbleached and/or recycled paper content, rather than plastic.  We are now working on developing our own web shipping materials with an outstanding fair trade group in Nepal who create hand made paper products (and support an impressive array of social programs).

We are constantly learning about how we can be a more environmentally responsible business, and would love any feedback or input from our customers to help us along.

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